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Lewisville Pest Control & Exterminator offers the best pest control services in the Lewisville area. In addition to typical residential pest control services, we offer quarterly pest control with no contracts required. Whether you have cockroaches, spiders or termites, our Lewisville exterminators will protect your home and family.

Often times we don’t get as many calls during the colder months because most pests will go into hiding. This means that pests often make their presence known in the Spring. The most comment types of pests found in Lewisville are rats, ants and bed bugs. We’ve noticed that infestations of these pests in Lewisville are on the rise. Our Lewisville residential pest control exterminators can take care of most types of pests all year round.

Recently, we’ve also seen a number of termite infestations in the Lewisville area. Termites are very good at going undetected long enough to cause damage, which means they’re a danger to your home. Some of our most recent cases included structural damage from the termites. We encourage homeowners to have a regular termite inspection done on their property to prevent expensive damages by unseen pests such as termites.

If you want to protect your home, then you recognize the benefit of having routine pest control maintenance performed. It’s much less hassle to have pest prevention than to have one major infestation. Just call our Lewisville residential pest control professionals at (972) 318-2377 and we’ll come to your rescue!